President of the Coruripe Plant, Sousa Jucelino

"The sector is still very heterogeneous, so it is important to have an evaluation tool, with comparable methodologies so that improvement plans can be drawn up"

With the adoption of Benri, the group started to have another way of evaluating the business and, thus, to identify strengths and weaknesses. "With each publication of the new rating, we receive the indicators, and we can make an assessment and define the plan of action for improvements," he said.

In addition to being an instrument that facilitates operational management, Sousa believes that Benri, by gaining more strength in the market, can help create a mapping of the sector. "Each plant ends up using its data, which does not talk to the others. There must be an equalization of this data, made by a trusted institution, so that information is exchanged in a professional manner. "

From an evaluation basis, the Benri produces an indicator that facilitates the analysis of the efficiency of the business. "This strengthens the discourse with financial institutions. It is not enough to just look at the balance sheets to see if the business is sustainable," says Jucelino.

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