The first classification system for rating independent producing units of sugarcane, sugar, ethanol and energy from sugarcane bagasse in the world. A service center for the sugar-energy sector that represents an excellent instrument of support to the management and decisions of investment and risk.


To be a center of excellence in services for the sugar, ethanol and sugar cane derivatives industries, providing an independent classification system for activities related to the processing of sugarcane in Brazil and worldwide.


BENRI traz para sua empresa uma avaliação técnica gerando conhecimento e valor.

  1. It identifies the qualitative and technical capacity of a local and international company.
  2. Strategically classifies companies through a sectoral ranking system of international reputation.
  3. Positions companies for better credit and financing conditions.
  4. It provides an adequate technical positioning and development of its business management.

Our clients

Our clients are producers of sugar, ethanol and sugar cane derivatives, tradings, banks, fuel distributors, suppliers of inputs and governments.

Why choose Benri's Rating System?

The BENRI classification system was developed especially for the sugar, ethanol and cane derivatives market in general to develop critical assessments of the relative performance of agricultural and industrial activities developed by sugarcane producers and processors.

The purpose of BENRI is to provide a transparent, independent and reliable classification system to be used for credit granting, investment analysis, and business management.

BENRI will facilitate the interaction of all agents involved in the production, financing and marketing of sugar, ethanol and other sugarcane derivatives in the world, including producers, banks, risk rating agencies, trading companies, fuel distributors , Suppliers of inputs and investors.

Unlike a certification that verifies compliance with a set of parameters, the BENRI system offers a ratings evaluation for activities segmented according to areas of interest, allowing a classification of companies involved in the production and commercialization of sugar, ethanol and sugarcane products, of sugar.

The quality, independence and reliability of the technical evaluations developed by BENRI are provided by the use of the technologies and database of two of the most experienced and respected sugarcane industry consulting firms - DATAGRO and FERMENTEC each with more than 30 years of experience in evaluations With customers in several countries around the world. The technical knowledge used in evaluations and classifications stems from a wealth of experience accumulated over more than three decades of independent and innovative research.

Our installations

BENRI (Biomass Energy Research Institute) is installed in the Technological Park of Piracicaba, recently inaugurated by Governor Geraldo Alckmin. The Technological Park of Piracicaba is located in the heart of the State of São Paulo and São Paulo sugarcane production and aims to promote research and technological innovation and stimulate cooperation between institutions that seek to develop the national and global sugarcane industry. We thus enjoy the proximity of important companies and privileged infrastructure, which favors the work of our technical team along with sugarcane, sugar, ethanol and biomass energy producers.

Descubra o Benri

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  • Jd. Santa Rosa - Piracicaba
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