The credibility of a mill goes far beyond its financial capacity.

Rate your Operational Capability.

First independent rating system for sugar, ethanol and sugar cane bagasse producing units in the world.

BENRI has developed a rigorous methodology for industrial operational classification that processes hundreds of agricultural, industrial and financial indicators that are audited by BENRI experts with more than 30 years of experience in the sugarcane industry. Auditors also consider qualitative factors such as business peculiarities, behavior and organizational culture, among others. In addition, the parameters used are updated by weighing relevant macro-environmental changes that affect the intervals of the notes, balancing the evaluation of the performance of the industrial units between the harvests, with the fair compensation of global interfering factors to the market.

  • Who looks inside.
  • Who looks inside, awakens.

    More important than knowing the market is knowing your own business and recognizing your strengths and weaknesses to evolve.


  • Team Evaluation

    Improving the organization's knowledge of itself is to better understand the people who make up this organization and to create a richer organizational climate and retain the talents.
  • Direct Investments

    Knowing which sectors of your industry are more distant from the ideal performance is possible to invest in order to get the best results with the lowest investment, balancing the plant.
  • Benchmarking

    Knowing the environment and standards allow you to improve your business processes and practices to get as close to "perfection as possible".
  • Credit Application

    Certifying your operational capacity significantly increase your chances of getting credit, in addition to enabling cheaper capital.
  • Accredit partners

    Investors and other strategic partners can mitigate business risks by certifying the plant and obtaining a full prospectus of the plant's operational profile.

Since 2010

Benri is a service excellence center for the sugar, ethanol and sugar cane industries, providing an independent classification system for activities related to the processing of sugarcane in Brazil and worldwide.

  • 150 compiled KPIs
  • 35 Classified Listings
  • 150 compiled KPIs

    150 compiled KPIs

    The Benri System methodology processes more than 150 key indicators and crosses information to validate the indices and detect inconsistencies, ensuring a complete and reliable analysis.

  • 35 Classified Listings

    35 Classified Listings

    The main indices of the industrial, agricultural and financial areas are classified and punctuated individually, to result in notes for the areas and a general note for the business as a whole.

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